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Food for thought..

Published January 22, 2014 by Apoorva

So, stomach full with yummy methi malai mutter and mind full of thoughts a sleepy-head starts writing her blog. Today, before lunch I came across this wonderful book named “Understanding Muhammad”. I got so caught up with the book that I lost track of time and was brought back to the world by the clock when it struck 1:30.. I suddenly remembered that we were way past our lunch time and that we must go now as I had started to feel really hungry. We took our lunch boxes and started walking towards the elevators. But there was something different today.. Instead of thinking about the race I am going to be a part of, all I had in my mind were quotations from the book I was reading. I was amazed by what the writer has mentioned in that book. Everyone with an open mind to a subject as sensitive as religion must read this book. Fortunately for me (though unfortunately for my stomach) we were late in going for lunch today, the canteen welcomed us with an empty table at the entrance.. Getting back to work now with an anxious mind to read the next chapter in the book..Β