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The first and the memorable one!

Published February 14, 2014 by Apoorva

It was not long ago when the only thing I heard was, ”No more lunches and dinners this year, puhleeez!”. That was agitated Pam screaming at me when I asked her what should we do on your birthday this year. Her birthday being the first one being celebrated every New Year; we always plan something grand for it (but eventually end up going for a dinner 90% of the times). This year she was determined not to celebrate her special day in a hotel.

A month before her big day, on a chilly evening, me and Pam had gone for a walk. I grabbed that opportunity to tell her what I was planning for her birthday. It was evident that she loved my idea by judging her face expressions; she sounded really excited about the plan. Step 1 was to get the other two convinced. As soon as we reached home, we asked Amy and Kits to clear their schedules for that day explaining them the gist of our conversation. We left them with no option but to say yes; step 1, accomplished!  Step 2, the most important one, was to go shopping. Well, executing such steps never take time; because when it comes to shopping, we girls can be compared to eveready batteries. Step 2nd, check!

Step 3 was getting ready IN TIME which takes us directly to a day before Pam’s birthday. 2 full length mirrors were clearly not sufficient for our jolting souls. There was so much more left to do and the clock had already struck 2130hrs. We were much behind on our schedule; but then again, it’s not a gang of girls if we make it in time for a party, is it? We were finally dressed for a 7 star place and were on our way to dance the night away!

Now, one would ask what it so special about going dancing? It wasn’t the “dancing” part that made Pam’s birthday memorable. It was something else. We were not aware that free liquor was being served where we were headed; which we got to know when we were asked for our photo IDs and shoot, we didn’t have them. We tried to talk ourselves out of it but the manager just wasn’t ready to budge.

We could see that panic had already stricken Pam’s face wondering whether she would be celebrating her birthday in a car, but we are no evils to let that happen.  We headed back to our apartment, grabbed our IDs and came back to shove them at the manager. Even he was like ‘whaaaaat?!?!’, with a big question mark on his face, after seeing us return with the IDs. We entered the hotel and it was Cinderella time! We shouted ‘Happy birthday Pam’ and hugged and kissed only to see about 100 eyes looking at us, awestruck. It was just another day for them but that day had a special place in our hearts and making it an amazing one for Pam, was our only aim that night! J

That was a great way to start this year. We departed on a note to make it equally special for each one of us as no one knows where everyone will be next year, this precise time..