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It’s been a long time….

Published May 4, 2015 by Apoorva

Indeed, it’s been quite a long time.. Today, everything about the day seems perfect; the weather, the songs. Have you ever heard anyone describing the crisp fresh air that your lungs take in and the sense of happiness that it brings along? Well, that’s something similar I am trying to describe right now.. The skies are painted with my favorite shade of blue. The tree in front of my balcony has finally sprung to life and is giving me a sense of exuberance. I never knew Spring could do THIS to you. It changes everything that occupies your mind. Here on, I can say, I know what wonders a perfect day can bring to your life.

Often, we are unaware of the extravagance that encompasses us. Take a minute out and scan your surroundings, inhale the freshness around you, forget about your worries and see how imperfectly beautiful everything is, including yourself! The clouds might not be shaped as rabbits as in the fairy tales but they have a golden shine on them because of the Sun that’s setting in the West. The trees might not be symmetrical as we paint them on the canvas but the leaves are dancing to the tunes of soft breeze. The noises around you do not remind you of the latest Maroon 5 track but when you listen to the chirping carefully, it tells you even the birds are in love with the season. I wish I was a artist who could paint it all down on the canvas or maybe write a poem enticing the readers into it’s beauty. I am none of that but, I try, for I know that whenever I will read it in the future it will definitely bring a smile to my face.


Food for thought..

Published January 22, 2014 by Apoorva

So, stomach full with yummy methi malai mutter and mind full of thoughts a sleepy-head starts writing her blog. Today, before lunch I came across this wonderful book named “Understanding Muhammad”. I got so caught up with the book that I lost track of time and was brought back to the world by the clock when it struck 1:30.. I suddenly remembered that we were way past our lunch time and that we must go now as I had started to feel really hungry. We took our lunch boxes and started walking towards the elevators. But there was something different today.. Instead of thinking about the race I am going to be a part of, all I had in my mind were quotations from the book I was reading. I was amazed by what the writer has mentioned in that book. Everyone with an open mind to a subject as sensitive as religion must read this book. Fortunately for me (though unfortunately for my stomach) we were late in going for lunch today, the canteen welcomed us with an empty table at the entrance.. Getting back to work now with an anxious mind to read the next chapter in the book.. 



It’s a race!

Published January 21, 2014 by Apoorva

It was just yesterday when I said to Snehal, “I hate this time of the day when we have to look into people’s plates to see if they’re done with their lunch.. 5 most frustrating minutes”, with irritation evident on my face. Let me tell you, office canteen just isn’t the place to have “lunch time memories” especially when it’s too small to accommodate the employees during rush hours. The process goes like, you enter the canteen, peep into the plates, acquire your target who is about to finish their lunch and just SPRINT towards the chair as soon as your target gets into a semi-standing position. Now that you’re into the game you just have to smile at your opponent if he manages to reach the chair before you and get over your defeat and then repeat the procedure step 2 onward. This whole thing can take anywhere between 5 to 15 mins, latter being our big-time-loser record. Well, it’s not all that bad.. I’ll get back with the positives later..