Published January 20, 2014 by Apoorva

You never know when, how or where you might fall into LOVE.. All I remember doing during the month of December is write magnified stuff about myself.. I felt like I was engulfed into something that left me no time for myself; only to realize later that this would lead the writer in me to flourish and to reach out for expanses that I couldn’t dream about surpassing in the past.. I am one such girl, who has found a great way to channel everything interesting happening around her (mind you it is no less than a bollywood film).. I am enjoying every bit of this journey keeping my wandering eye open to capture the essence of life and to share some incredible experiences here..This was my moment of love which came in like a gust, swept me off my feet, leaving behind an inspiration..

The thing I love most about myself is that I am girl.. I get to shop, to show how much I adore PURPLE and PINK stuff, to gossip, to act irrationally at times.. Gossip, btw reminds me that I am a big time Gossip Girl fan so don’t be surprised if you see a post that reads “Spotted: “.. I understand fashion and am sorry for those who entertain me with their fashion faux pas every other day..

So, all in all I am a girl who you will find talking mostly about fashion, cooking, TV shows, music and off course MYSELF.. Watch this space for more.. πŸ™‚



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